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Shower Systems with Ceiling Mounted Rain Showerhead and Hand Shower Sprayer

A rain shower head with handheld spray shower system offers a great set of features. The ceiling mounted waterfall rain showerhead gives you a full body shower experience. The hand held shower kit offers two functions. When safely placed in its mounting bracket, the hand shower works pretty much just like a normal showerhead and can be used hands free. However at any time you can remove it from the holder and take advantage handheld spray function! A Shower system with rain shower head and handheld spray is one of the best and most versatile configurations of complete shower system we offer. Utilizing the 3-setting shower diverter control fixture you can effortlessly decide which of the spray outlets you want turned on at any given time. You can choose to run the ceiling mount rain fall showerhead only, the handshower spray only, or both together. All our rainfall shower systems are expertly optimized with water pressure in mind. All fixtures, cartridges, handles, and rough-in valves required for installation are included and guaranteed to be compatible. At FaucetList.com we make ordering a Rain Shower and handheld combo shower system easy! Shop now and buy today!

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